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Feeding into Success

& Expanding Contributions


Advancement Process - a constructive process for businesses and industries

to gain from greater contributions that are valued and speed up progress

Gain from more contributions that increase success for many areas of business:

People helping people

& groups helping groups

Participants are contributors.

Input           Greater Understanding           Feed into Success

                                                                         and Make it Happen

The "Advancement Process" quickly guides people of various functions to elicit what is valuable for endeavors, contributions, and work. People home in on ways to get better results for themselves, others, and what they want to achieve. This includes solidifying various ways to: be successful, make progress, and point people and groups in the right directions.

Garnering these contributions leads to faster progress and more success for a variety of applications.


The "Advancement Process" is organized to:

  • Draw from people's experiences

  • Verify valid and appreciated ways to get better results

  • Increase contributions

So people:

  1. Reduce uncertainty

  2. Make greater impacts by incorporating valuable resources, information, solutions, and practices

  3. Help others where beneficial for all

  4. Solidify ways to be successful


  • Appreciated ways to increase success and make progress

  • Satisfaction and understanding of:

    • Where feeding into success and helping others is valuable

    • Positive contributions that will make it most successful

  • Clarity on going forward and pointing people in the right directions, captured conveniently relevant for people's real situations

This also strengthens and makes greater use of what is already in place, such as resources, solutions, programs, and supporting business functions.



"Advancement Process" contributors draw from people's experiences to feed into success in the most valuable ways and in the most valuable places.

The "Advancement Process" is for successfully utilizing more of what is valuable and helping others do the same.

Gains are made from:

  • More connecting on ways to increase success

  • More verification that people and companies will be (or are already) doing what is most valued

  • Greater contributions to pointing people in the right directions



The "Advancement Process" has a variety of applications for people to contribute to greater success. For an overview of an example application to process safety, please click the below link.




Process safety benefits from many contributors at many stages of design, planning, and operations. For greater details or to discuss contributions to greater success, please contact James Wendelken (contact info below).


To see more applications of the "Advancement Process," go to the "Applications" page on this website. 

People and companies do not have to commit to anything or put anything in place to contribute through the "Advancement Process." It is not the kind of process that has to be made into a requirement in order to make progress.


Rather, the "Advancement Process" is for feeding into success for a variety of applications where people recognize there is value in pointing out ways to increase success and coming together on how to make it happen. People help people and groups help groups to make it all appreciated and successful. The participants are contributors every step of the way. While the "Advancement Process" does not require putting anything in place, organizations can easily expand the use of the "Advancement Process" where applicable and can easily tailor it to their situations. The "Advancement Process" is fairly quick, typically ranging from 2 hours - 12 hours depending on the opportunities for increasing success and helping others. 


Expand your contributions feeding into success and help others do the same. "Advancement Process" participants are contributors, and you and others you know can guide greater success for a variety of applications and can verify what is valuable. Call or email James Wendelken.


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