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Applications of the "Advancement Process"

Most everyone wants the same things, to increase success and get better results. The following are all applications where various people's contributions build greater understanding of ways to feed into success and can generate much greater results by:

  • Having more ways to increase success pointed out

  • Incorporating greater resources, information, solutions, practices, and directions

  • Verifying satisfaction, understanding, and appreciated contributions, ways forward, and guidance where valuable

Drawing from people's experiences, connecting with others on ways to increase success, verifying what is valuable, and helping others do the same all lead to:

  • Reduced uncertainty

  • Greater positive impacts by incorporating more ways to increase success

  • Helping others where beneficial for all

  • Solidified ways to be successful and increase reliability



  • Evaluating technology applications

  • Evaluating products

  • Evaluating potential endeavors

  • Evaluating ways to contribute



  • Building technologies

  • Building equipment

  • Building teams or new responsibilities

  • Building standards

  • Building objectives and plans for new endeavors

  • Building valuable direction for various contributors

  • Building guidance to most effectively utilize resources, experts, and supporting business groups



  • Solidifying useful guidance to design with materials

  • Solidifying valuable resources and practices for troubleshooting

  • Solidifying newly discovered techniques that avoid problems

  • Solidifying how to most effectively use industry standards for people's situations

  • Solidifying pertinent considerations for cost assessments



  • Distinguishing your contract administration

  • Distinguishing proposal practices

  • Distinguishing sales practices

  • Distinguishing management's use of knowledge

  • Distinguishing software support



  • Marketing technologies

  • Marketing products

  • Marketing solutions

Helping across business functions and groups


  • Helping with important information or data

  • Helping with interpretations of analyses and courses of action

  • Helping with problems or issues to look out for or mitigate

  • Helping with the creation and use of resources

Spreading what can be learned from successes and difficulties


  • Spreading and incorporating effective techniques

  • Spreading useful data

  • Spreading practices that improve safety

  • Spreading ways to avoid problems

  • Spreading knowledge that improves people's work


What examples are relevant for your situations, organization, or industry?

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People and companies do not have to commit to anything or put anything in place to contribute through the "Advancement Process." It is not the kind of process that has to be made into a requirement in order to make progress.

Rather, the "Advancement Process" is for guiding, contributing to, and supporting greater success where valuable.

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