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James Wendelken

James Wendelken is the creator of the Advancement Process and the founder of Capformance.


James has broad experience in research & development and engineering in multiple industries. Additionally, he has done extensive work building, implementing, and growing successful technical and non-technical development and talent management programs that have served many business functions. James also served as the Technology Training Manager at a Fortune 500 company.

James has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and an MBA from Texas A&M University. 

The story behind the Advancement Process

James Wendelken created the Advancement Process to draw from people's experiences to speed up progress, find greater ways to increase success, and solidify more ways to be successful in business and industry.

This also makes greater use of what is already in place such as contributions from people and supporting business functions.

Very many people and various associations and universities have contributed much to this process, providing greater details for helping more people and groups.

Click to the right for greater details. 

Very many people and various associations and universities have contributed much to this process, providing greater details for helping more people and groups.

Speaking Events on Industry, Business, and Positive Contributions

James Wendelken speaks about various positive contributions people and groups make that speed up progress, solidify ways to be successful, and increase reliability in industry and business.

The following are some of the topics he has spoken on:

Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center International Symposium
Topic: Valuable steps and input for: increasing safety as a collective effort, finding ways to increase others' success, and not missing out on valuable information, resources, and directions
For applications to safety in industry, visit here for an overview

Sustainable Energy for South Texas Symposium
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (formerly UTPA) Office for Sustainability
Topic: How STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) contributions, drawing from various people's experiences, and teamwork translate to continuous improvement and sustainable processes in the energy industry

The Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG) Houston
Topic: The many contributions it takes from various functions to advance technology in industries and ways to speed and improve technology deployment while avoiding pitfalls

Association for Talent Development (ATD) Houston Annual Conference
Topic: Continually improve engineering and technical work, standards, and reliability

Association for Talent Development (ATD) Houston Community Training Network
Topic: Utilizing talent management in dynamic companies

Mays MBA Round Table Discussions at Texas A&M University

Articles on Industry, Business, and Positive Contributions

by James Wendelken

Financial Executives’ Recommendations for Technology Deployment

Progress at National Energy Technology Laboratory

Energy, Sustainability & STEM – Looking Forward

Constructive Event on Energy & Sustainability

OESI – Data Sharing and Solutions for Safety

Changing Perspectives for Positive Results

Workforce Live Online Talks

Ocean Energy Safety Institute Inaugural Event

University R&D Showcase at Offshore Technology Conference

Developing Profitable Partnerships – ASTD and Houston Organizational Development Network

STEM Education Programs in the Oil & Gas Industry

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) Movement is Important for Our Country

To learn more about James Wendelken, click here to read a Q&A on Capformance.

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