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Greater gains from people's varied contributions

Elicit, recognize, and capture valuable ways to increase success and help others do the same to get greater results for people, companies, and industry. The Advancement Process is an enjoyable process that guides people to create more success by contributing to the following outcomes.

People who contribute through the Advancement Process:


  • Find ways to increase success

  • Increase their contributions to others’ successes

  • Gain appropriate confidence to go forward with ways to increase success

  • Create a “Roadmap” of guidance confirmed valuable for themselves and others to increase their success, make progress, and not miss out on anything valuable

  • Gain satisfaction that:

    • They have elicited ways to increase success

    • They have elicited ways to help others where that is worthwhile for all

    • People will not be missing out on noted valuable resources, information, solutions, practices, and directions

    • People will be pointed in the right directions for progress

  • Are able to convey confidence in factors that play a part in increasing success

  • Gain clearer understanding of objectives big and small and how to achieve those objectives



Greater gains from people’s varied contributions

Greater results for people, companies, and industry:


  • Less missing out on valuable resources, solutions, and ways to increase success

  • Speeding up progress

  • People coming together with their many types of contributions to successfully solidify how to do things well and increase reliability

The Advancement Process also strengthens and makes greater use of what is already in place, such as resources, programs, solutions, and supporting business functions.

For an overview of example applications to safety and industry, click here.

Contact James Wendelken to increase people's contributions to greater results through the Advancement Process.

People and companies do not have to commit to anything or put anything in place to contribute through the "Advancement Process." It is not the kind of process that has to be made into a requirement in order to make progress.

Rather, the "Advancement Process" is for guiding, contributing to, and supporting greater success where valuable.

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